Radburne Annual Feast and Tourney

Well, our annual Feast and Tourney hasn’t been run for a couple of years however we have reason to open up the tavern! Some new neighbours have arrived and it is time to welcome them so come and join in the fun, food, fighting and laughter!

 When: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2013

Where: Dragon Hill, 29L Gidgee Road, Dubbo NSW 2830














Non SCA paid member (add)

Breakfast Sunday (add)



+ $5.00

+ $5.00

Youth (10 – 17)


+ $5.00

+ $5.00

Child (9 and under)


 + $5.00


 Bookings are required by Thursday 23rd May 2013 – please book with the Steward by email or phone. (katrijn.van.delden@gmail.com or 0419850067)

 What you need to bring:

 Garb (medieval clothing – if you don’t have any, we do have some loaner clothing. Please contact the Steward prior to the event to make arrangements and see if we have something that fits you)

Feasting gear (something to eat off, eat with and drink from. Again, we have loaner gear so contact the Steward prior to the event to book some!)

If you are camping, bring your camping gear! (Tent, bedding etc – it can get very cold at night so make sure to bring enough blankets!)

Don’t forget your sense of humour! The SCA is a lot of fun 🙂

If you are an SCA member, you need to bring your membership card

If you are an authorised fighter/marshal/or equestrian – don’t forget your authorisation card(s)

Armour, bows, arrows etc

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Bring sunscreen! Even though it is the cooler part of the year, you can still burn!

Bring your own drinks – make sure to drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids for your own health and safety 🙂 Alcohol is allowed (if you are over 18 – mundane laws apply!)

If you are bringing a horse/horses – please let the Steward know 2 weeks in advance so arrangements can be made (a form needs to be completed and returned prior to the event)

If you have any dietary requirements/allergies please let the Steward know 2 weeks in advance

  • We do have five friendly dogs on the property although we do try and keep them away from the activities. If you have allergies or are not comfortable with dogs, please let the Steward know prior to the event so arrangements can be made.

 So, what activities will there be?

 Saturday 25 May 2013

 1:00pm – Target Archery/King’s Round (Target Archery Marshal – Lord Ranif Pallesser)

 3:00pm – Horse Activities (info session, authorisations, mounted games. Equestrian Marshal – Lady Katrijn van Delden)

 4:30pm – Fighter practice/authorisations (Marshal – Lord Valdemar Sigurdson)

 7:00pm – Feast (at the Snuggly Duckling Tavern) and Bardic Circle around the campfire (Cooks – Lord Terence of Radburne and Lady Katrijn van Delden)

 Sunday 26 May 2013

(For those camping overnight, breakfast will be served buffet style at the Snuggly Duckling Tavern at 8:30am for an extra charge of $5 per person)

 9:30am – Armour Inspection (Marshal – Valdemar Sigurdson)

 10:00am – Radburne Tourney commences

 12:30pm – Lunch (Potluck Feast – everyone to bring something to share)