The “official” history of the founding of Radburne, written by Lady Mayela de la Rue on the occasion of Radburne’s Inaugural Feast.

Once, many moons ago, far, far west of the ocean, there was a dry flat land barren of joy and o’er run with giants.

The God of Thunder, Thor, watched o’er the land and was angered by the ruin the giants caused on what would be a beautiful land. The populace of the land hid and cowered for fear of the giants.

When all appeared lost, a Knight came to the land in search of new life. In his first month of residing in the fair land he had battled many giants and escaped narrowly with his life. The local people saw he was a brave knight and rallied around in show of support. One cold night, over many meads, the people joined together and plotted against the giants.

In the frost of the morning the people gathered wild grapes, berries and other fruits and congregated at the small stream that trickled through the land. As the sun rose, the Knight gallantly rode along the stream where he met the leader of the giants. The bold Knight said unto the giant “Leave this fair land or feel my wrath!” The giant laughed and growled with menace. The Knight yelled out “Then feel my wrath, I shall poison your stream with blood and if you do not take head I shall do worse to you!”

With that, the townspeople stomped the grapes and berries and the juices ran into the stream staining the water red. The giants saw the red stream and fled in fear never to return again. The townspeople cheered and rejoiced. Thor, God of Thunder, saw this cunning ploy and rewarded the townspeople by filling their stream to become a mighty red river and created a menagerie of animals from far and wide for the townspeople to enjoy for years to come.

And so Radburne was born.

Baron Hrothgar and Count Stephen (on the occasion of Radburne’s Inaugural Feast) did challenge the populace, divided into two groups, to create a piece of entertainment for their Excellencies. One group performed this story and were deemed the winners by Their Excellencies.

Many thanks go to our gallant young Knight Samuel and to our giants Thomas and Freiderick for their outstanding performances.