Draft Timetable

Friday 23 August
Site opens from 12pm for set up.
Soup Kitchen from 7pm until run out
Bardic Circle/Catch up

Saturday 24 August
8:00am Breakfast
9.00am Armour inspection
10.00am War Scenarios commence
10am A & S activities (including competition – details to be confirmed)
11am – Meet the horses and Equestrian Activities
1:00pm Lunch Break
1:30pm Armour inspection (if required for late arrivals)
2:00pm Target Archery
2.00pm War Scenarios begin
7:00pm Feast (Court if required in between main feast and dessert)
8:30pm Quest / Bardic Circle

Sunday 25 August
9.00am Breakfast (and Armour Inspection commences if required)
10:00am War Scenarios commence
10:30am Target Archery
1:00pm Lunch Break and end of war

If people are staying the extra night, pick-ups in the afternoon/war games etc.

Pizza run into town for evening meal around the campfire (additional cost – pay for your own pizza)