Welcome to the SCA Household of Radburne

Our household has been created to keep ‘the dream’ alive in the far western region of the Barony of Rowany within the Kingdom of Lochac. For those who are not familiar with us, this means we are part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and we are based in Dubbo, NSW, Australia.100_4960

With this site we seek to inform, and perhaps even entertain. The information contained herein is designed for those of our House, those who live in our region, and those wish to visit and partake of Radburne hospitality.

Use the menu above to access the information on our site, or see below for the latest.

House Radburne currently has limited activities with our annual Radburne War held in August each year and the Tourney of the Yellow Rose being re-introduced in 2022. If you are seeking information on the SCA or wish to find local contacts, please go to SCA Rowany