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Official groups, like the (Proposed) Shire of Radburne used to be, have office-holders that assist in the running of the group. As a household, Radburne no longer has officers, but there are members who have agreed to be contacts in case there are questions that need answering. This is strictly voluntary and subject to availability, so an instantaneous response is not always possible.

If you have questions regarding events or contacts in the Dubbo area, or questions about Radburne itself, contact Lady Katrijn van Delden via her link below. If you have questions regarding the website, or if there is a problem with the website, contact Lord Sorle Maknicoll via his link below.

Contact: Officer: E-mail:
Seneschal  Lady Katrijn Van Delden E-mail
Webminister  Lord Sorle Maknicoll E-mail