November Crown AS XLVI

In the far western reaches of the Barony of Rowany, a great battle was held at Dragon Hill. As the dust settled across the fields, the forces were evenly matched and no clear victor was to be found. In order to stop the bloodshed, the reigning Monarch decided a grand tournament would be held to determine the next King and Queen of Lochac, with a field feast held in celebration of the Heirs in the evening. All who would witness are called to gather from 4th November 2011 at Dragon Hill.

There will be merchants, Arts and Sciences, Target Archery and other entertainments throughout the weekend.

Where? Dragon Hill (29L Gidgee Road, Dubbo NSW Australia)

When? Friday 4th to Sunday 6th November, 2011

Bookings close 14th October 2011 21th October 2011. Complete the booking form and email or post to 29L Gidgee Road, Dubbo NSW Australia.

For Bookings: Contact the Steward, Katrijn van Delden (Karen Hocking) by email or post.

For Information: Contact the Steward, Katrijn van Delden (Karen Hocking) by email or on 0419 850067.

For Transport arrangements: Contact Hans of Radburne (Hans Geerdink) by email or on 02 6887 3369.

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