Radburne War VIII

Battle_of_crecy_froissartIt’s a New Year and time to plan for Radburne War VIII to be held at “Dragon Hill” Dubbo NSW from Friday the 1st to Sunday the 3rd August 2014.

Whilst official activities will finish around lunch time on the Sunday, people are welcome to camp the extra night and travel home on the Monday…………..






Bookings Close: Sunday, July 27th 2014

Booking Contact:
Katrijn van Delden (Karen Hocking) katrijn.van.delden@gmail.com

$65 per adult member fully catered (Friday evening to Sunday lunch)
$70 per adult non member fully catered (Friday evening to Sunday lunch)
$35 per adult member feast only (Saturday)
$40 per adult non member feast only (Saturday)
$25 weekend rate adult member (no meals)
$30 weekend rate adult non member (no meals)
6 to 17 (member) – $35 fully catered, $20 feast only (Saturday) and $10 event rate (no meals) for members, add $5 for non members under 18 (due to changes to event membership from 1 September 2012)
Under 6 (member) – free, $5 for non member
Family Rate on application and at Steward’s discretion.

Draft Timetable

Friday 1 August
Site opens from 12pm for set up.
Soup kitchen from 6.30pm
Bardic Circle/Catch up

Saturday 2 August

8.00am to 9.00am Breakfast (strictly this time only – kitchen will close at 9:00am sharp)
9.30am Armour inspection
10.00am War Scenarios commence
10am A & S activities (TBC)
10:00am Equestrian Gear Check
10:30am Equestrian Authorisations (if required) and information session/activities
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm A & S activities (TBC)
2:00pm Armour inspection
2.30pm War Scenarios begin
2:30pm Equestrian games commence
4.00pm Target Archery (IKAC) – to be confirmed
7pm Feast and Bardic Circle afterwards (Court if required)
8:30pm Night shoot

Sunday 3 August
8.30 to 9:30am Breakfast (strictly this time only – kitchen will close at 9.30am sharp)
9.30am Armour Inspection commences
10.00am War Scenarios commence
10:00am A & S activities commence (TBC)
12:30pm Lunch snd official close

Facilities are available for people to stay on site for Sunday night and travel Monday. A Pizza run will be organised for the Sunday evening meal.
If people are staying the extra night, pick ups in the afternoon etc

Radburne Annual Feast and Tourney

Well, our annual Feast and Tourney hasn’t been run for a couple of years however we have reason to open up the tavern! Some new neighbours have arrived and it is time to welcome them so come and join in the fun, food, fighting and laughter!

 When: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2013

Where: Dragon Hill, 29L Gidgee Road, Dubbo NSW 2830











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Radburne War VII

House Radburne will be hosting Radburne War VII from 9th August to 12th August 2013 at Dragon Hill, Dubbo NSW.  There will be war all day Saturday and for as long as people wish to fight on Sunday (with full scenarios all Sunday morning).

There will be equestrian activities this year including the opportunity for people to bring their own horses and authorise. Please contact the Steward for more information and to discuss requirements etc.

Bookings and payment required by Friday 2nd August 2013.

For further details and to book, contact Lady Katrijn van Delden (Karen Hocking) on 0419 850067 or email katrijn.van.delden@gmail.com





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Radburne War VI – the time to prepare has come!

Thundering hooves pound in the distance….

M’lord, look yonder, tell me what you see?
Is that a white horse comes towards me?

And on its back a rider – a bow, a crown;
His name – Conquest.

M’Lord, look yonder, tell me what you see?
Is that a red horse comes towards me?

And on its back a rider carries a Great Sword;
His name – War.

M’Lord look yonder, tell me what you see?
Is that a Black horse comes towards me?

And on it’s back a rider – a balance in hand;
His name – Famine.

M’lord, look yonder, tell me what you see?
Is that a Pale horse comes towards me?

And on it’s back a rider carrying scythe;
His name – Death.

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Booking deadline extended for Spring Crown 2011

Please note the booking deadline for Spring Crown 2011 has been extended until midnight on Friday 21st October 2011.

If for some reason you find that you have missed the deadline and want to attend, please contact the Steward to see if arrangements can be made for you – no guarantees (dependant on numbers) but we will do our best to accommodate you.

In Service
Lady Katrijn van Delden
Spring Crown Steward
House Radburne
Barony of Rowany
Kingdom of Lochac

Contact: novembercrown2011@gmail.com

November Crown – Menu

The menu for Spring Crown has been finalised – if you have any concerns or questions about any of the dishes and their ingredients, please contact the Steward.

We have tried to provide a wide variety of foods including special dietary requirements such as gluten free (G), dairy free (D) and vegetarian (V). Where a dish is not self explanatory, the preceding codes have been used to assist you.

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Change to Monthly Gathering day

Due to changes in circumstances for members, we are trialling changing our monthly gathering day from the first Saturday of the month, to the first Sunday of the month (except for months where a major event is on – such as Spring War and November Crown). This will commence from Sunday 4th September 2011. Please check the calendar for future dates.