Radburne War Quest – Saturday night, 5th August 2017

Storm clouds roll in from the horizon as lighting strikes and shatters all in its path. Winds howl with ferocity, uprooting and tossing aside everything in its path. Pillars of fire and smoke rise from the ground as though the earth itself has erupted from the core, Ragnarok is upon us !
But not all is lost, the gods of old have appeared in the forests of Radburne, will they be enough to stop the impending Apocalypse ?

And so the Wizard Hildolfr has once again sent forth a call for aid in these dark times, any adventurer willing to lend a hand will most certainly see reward and fame !

Meet Wizard Hildolfr in the tavern on Saturday evening after the feast……………..

Important Notice – Last Event for House Radburne

As House Radburne is no longer active, Radburne War X to be held on 4th to 7th August 2017 will be the last event at Dragon Hill in Dubbo.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have supported us over the years, have attended our events and offered a helping hand. We wish you all the very best and will see you around 🙂

Kind regards
Karen Hocking aka Lady Katrijn van Delden

Radburne War IX – 5 to 7 August 2016

Fort and villageCome and join the Household of Hic dracones sunt for a weekend of war, feasting and frivolity! There will be a quest on Saturday night with prizes 🙂

Free camping on site with caravan parks and motels a short ten to fifteen minute drive from the site. Portaloos are provided but there are no showers on site – please feel free to bring your own portable showers.

Food provided from Friday night soup kitchen until lunch time Sunday – please advise of any dietary allergies etc when booking so that we can cater for you. Saturday night camp feast provided by Terence of Radburne, cooked over an open fire – those that have been before can vouch for the tasty food!
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Feast of St Brighid – 2nd and 3rd August 2014

Come and join House Radburne in celebrating the coming of Spring and the ending of Winter.

On Saturday there will be archery, equestrian activities for authorised riders (and the chance to authorise – please contact the Booking Officer prior for requirements and to make arrangements to bring your own horse) including a demo of games (dependent on availability of horses), a scrumptious feast, bardic circle, night shoot and a tourney on the Sunday.

All attendees will be asked to bring a candle to light as is the custom of Imbalc (Feast of St Brighid). The lighting of candles and fires represents the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun over the coming months.

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Radburne War VIII – cancelled

Battle_of_crecy_froissartDue to unforeseen circumstances, we regretfully advise that Radburne War has been cancelled for 2014.

We will be back bigger and better in 2015 – so watch this space in the new year.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to see you all in 2015.







Radburne Annual Feast and Tourney

Well, our annual Feast and Tourney hasn’t been run for a couple of years however we have reason to open up the tavern! Some new neighbours have arrived and it is time to welcome them so come and join in the fun, food, fighting and laughter!

 When: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2013

Where: Dragon Hill, 29L Gidgee Road, Dubbo NSW 2830











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Radburne War VII

House Radburne will be hosting Radburne War VII from 9th August to 12th August 2013 at Dragon Hill, Dubbo NSW.  There will be war all day Saturday and for as long as people wish to fight on Sunday (with full scenarios all Sunday morning).

There will be equestrian activities this year including the opportunity for people to bring their own horses and authorise. Please contact the Steward for more information and to discuss requirements etc.

Bookings and payment required by Friday 2nd August 2013.

For further details and to book, contact Lady Katrijn van Delden (Karen Hocking) on 0419 850067 or email katrijn.van.delden@gmail.com





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